ANTH 332: Archaeological Collections and Collections Management
Overview of theory, method, and practice related to archaeological collections management and other post-fieldwork activities.

ANTH 337: Archaeology of the American Southwest
Advanced survey of past and present indigenous cultures of the American Southwest.

ANTH 389: GIS in Archaeology
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in archaeology and anthropology; lecture provides fundamental spatial concepts and a computer lab teaches skills on data acquisition, data integration, spatial analysis, and digital cartography.

ANTH 386: Digital Heritage Tools
Introduction to concept of heritage, digital heritage applications, and hands-on experience in creating digital heritage products using desktop and mobile devices.

ANTH 406: Visualizing the Ancient City
A new approach to looking at the history and development of ancient cities, combining history and archaeology with digital methods, in particular 3D modeling.

ANTH 416: Digital Anthropologies
Survey of digital methods and emergent technologies in Anthropology.

ANTH 431: Historical Archaeology: Current Topics
Development of Historical Archaeology and current research in the field.

ANTH 432: History and Theory of Archaeology
Current concepts and theories used in archaeology to interpret the archaeological record.

ANTH 433: North American Archaeology
An areal survey of North American archaeology, methodology, history, and current trends of research. North American prehistory from earliest occupations to The Contact Period.

ANTH 435: Introduction to Heritage Management Archaeology
Introduction to the nature and purpose of historic preservation as it pertains to resource management and archaeological research.

ANTH 434: Introduction to Great Plains Archaeology
Introduction to the history of archaeological research, taxonomic issues, cultural sequences, and current research topics within the Great Plains area of North America.

ANTH 436/LAMS 436: The Ancient Maya
Introduction to the prehistory of the Maya region and its periphery.

ANTH 438/CLAS 438: Archaeologies of Europe
Survey of the material remains of Europe and of the various approaches to the study of the European past.

ANTH 481: Landscape Archaeology
Survey of theory, method, and practice in describing and interpreting archaeological landscapes.

ANTH 487A: Analysis of Archaeological Materials - Ceramics

ANTH 487B: Analysis of Archaeological Materials - Lithics

ANTH 487D: Analysis of Archaeological Materials - Archaeofauna

ANTH 487E: Analysis of Archaeological Materials - Historic Material Culture