Biological anthropology


ANTH 344: Human Osteology
Study of human osteology including histology, pathology, biomechanics and taphonomy.

ANTH 374: Primate Behavior and Ecology
Physical and behavioral diversity of primates through the evolutionary framework.

ANTH 385 Human Origins
Explores the evolutionary history of humans and our close relatives.

ANTH 430/NUTR 430: Nutritional Anthropology
Anthropological approaches to the study of nutrition.

ANTH 442 Human Variation
Biological variation of modern humans worldwide through time and space.

ANTH 443: Dental Anthropology
Cranio-facial anatomy, development and morphology as well as forensic uses of dentition.

ANTH 448/BIOS 448: Human Growth and Development
Biological diversity from an evolutionary perspective.

ANTH 462: Forensic Anthropology
Human skeletal identification and trauma analysis as a model for understanding the applied field of forensic anthropology.

ANTH 484: Data Analytics in Anthropology
Collection, management, visualization, and analysis of quantitative anthropological data. Exploratory and confirmatory data analysis. Data analytics.

ANTH 487D: Analysis of Archaeological Materials - Archaeofauna
Survey of vocabulary, techniques, and ideas needed to research major materials found in archaeological sites.

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