ANTH 351/ETHN 351: Indigenous Peoples of North America
Overview of the pre-contact, contact and post-contact experiences of indigenous peoples of North America.

ANTH 352/ETHN 352: Indigenous Peoples of the Great Plains
Overview of the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial experiences of indigenous peoples of the Great Plains region in North America.

ANTH 353: Anthropology of War
Warfare in different times, places, and levels of social complexity.

ANTH 362/ETHN 362: Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Relations to other portions of the world in culture history and colonial relations.

ANTH 366/ETHN 366: Peoples and Cultures of East Asia
Survey of the historic and recent cultural diversity of the East Asian cultural sphere.

ANTH 410/WMNS 410: Gender: An Anthropological Perspective
Emphasis is placed on cross-cultural differences in gender socialization of as it pertains to sexual behavior, power within domestic and public spheres, and the impact of gender on individual aspirations.

ANTH 412: Family, Marriage, and Kinship
Cross-cultural variation in family, marriage, and kinship and theories that account for variation in these fundamental areas of social life.

ANTH 416: Digital Anthropologies
Survey of digital methods and emergent technologies in Anthropology.

ANTH 417: History of Anthropological Theory
Origins and developments of anthropological theory, method, and thought.

ANTH 418: Ethnology and Museums
Explores historical and contemporary aspects of the missions, ethical and political issues concerning exhibits and collections held by museums.

ANTH 419: Art and Anthropology of Native North Americans
Explores the art of indigenous peoples in the United States

ANTH 422: Medical Anthropology
Focuses on theoretical and applied significance of health related practices in local and cross-cultural contexts.

ANTH 451/ETHN 451: Contemporary Issues of Indigenous Peoples in North America
Political, economic, and social issues concerning indigenous peoples in North America.

ANTH 472: Belief Systems: Animism to Zombies
Explores the diversity of beliefs and rituals surrounding the mysteries of birth, life, death and beyond.

ANTH 473: Ecological Anthropology
Human adaptive systems and their ecological contexts.

ANTH 474: Applied and Development Anthropology
Human adaptive systems and their ecological contexts.

ANTH 477: Hunters-Gatherers
Survey of hunter-gatherer society and its ecological and social adaptations. Hunters-gatherers and their important role in human history and evolution.

ANTH 488: Contentious Issues in Anthropology
Recent controversial issues through the integration of biological, cultural, and archaeological branches of anthropology.

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