Vergil Noble
Adjunct Faculty Member Anthropology


Dr. Vergil Noble is an Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Supervisory Archeologist, Advisor for National Historic Landmarks in the Midwest Region, and contact for National Historic Landmarks at the the Midwest Archaeological Center.

Before joining the National Park Service in 1987, Dr. Noble was on the anthropology faculty at Illinois State University, where he served as Director of the Midwestern Archeological Research Center. Currently his NPS duties include administration of the National Historic Landmark program for 70 archaeological NHL properties in the 13-state Midwest Region. In that capacity he monitors the condition of non-Federally managed landmark sites, such as Cahokia Mounds in Illinois, and works with consulting archaeologists to develop nominations for other significant sites with the potential for NHL designation.

His primary academic interest revolves about the colonial fur trade in North America, and his management focus is on the interplay of archaeology and heritage tourism. He has field experience on historic sites in ten U.S. states, ranging from Marquette’s Mission among the Ojibwe in northern Michigan to the Harry S Truman Home in Missouri. He has also worked on various prehistoric projects, including a cooperative research program with UNL to inventory and evaluate archaeological sites at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument in the panhandle of Nebraska.

Vergil has been active in the governance of several archaeological organizations, most recently serving as a Director of the Register of Professional Archaeologists (1998-2000) and President of the Society for Historical Archaeology (2002). In addition, he has held several volunteer editorial positions, including Memorials Editor (1994-1997) and Reviews Editor (1997-2001) for the journal Historical Archaeology. 

In 2011, he received the Carol V. Ruppé Distinguished Service Award from the Society for Historical Archaeology "for exceptional and sustained service to the programs, professionalism, and governance of the society."

Selected Publications

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  • Ph.D. Michigan State, 1983
  • M.A. Michigan State, 1979
  • B.S. Michigan State, 1974

Research Interests

Historical archaeology, 18th-century French fur trade, 19th-century settlement and transportation systems, Great Lakes and Mississippi River valley, cultural resource management and heritage tourism

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Office: National Park Service Midwest Archeological Center Federal Bldg., Room 474 100 Centennial Mall North Lincoln, NE 68508-6873

Phone: (402) 437-5392, ext. 108
Fax: (402) 437-5098