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The School of Global Integrative Studies (SGIS) was founded on the belief that
real world issues and problems require research, teaching, and learning that is immersive, interdisciplinary, and applicable.

This school brings together anthropology, geography, and global studies and prepares students to excel in an increasingly connected, complex, and ever-changing world—and change it for the better.

We are committed to helping our students become well-rounded global citizens capable of investigating, navigating, translating, doing business, and improving conditions across borders, oceans, and cultures.

With a focus on a holistic, intercultural communication and understanding, our programs provide students with technical skills while instilling the ability to be flexible and ready to learn new skills.






Global Studies

Our transformative and interdisciplinary initiatives

The shared immersive experiences of internships, field schools, and education abroad programs that emphasize skills, context, theory and practice

Collaborative research experiences locally, nationally, and internationally

Powerful, enhanced, and cutting-edge methods for collecting, analyzing, and presenting information

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