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  • The MA program features courses in the sub-disciplines of cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology.
    • Specializations: environmental studies, ethnic studies, Great Plains studies, professional archaeology, and women's and gender studies
    • Admission Requirements: Equivalent coursework to Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Biological Anthropology, and Introduction to Archaeology
    • Program requirements: Students must take one course from each of the sub-disciplines to complete their degree.
      • Archaeology: ANTH 831, 832*
      • Biological: ANTH 842, 844, 862
      • Cultural: ANTH 812, 817, 822, 873, 882, 915

* usually offered in alternate falls


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  • The PhD program, the oldest doctoral program west of the Mississippi, gives students a professional education with the personal attention that prepares them for diverse careers. It specializes in Historical Geography and the Great Plains.
  • The MA program gives students an appreciation of where they stand in the world and the geospatial skills to compete successfully in the job market. It includes three options and six specialties.
    • Specialties: Historical Geography; Great Plains; Urban and Political Geography; Human-Environment Relations; Cultural Geography; Cartography and GIS


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To better prepare prospective students for the review process, we have compiled a guide for application. Review this to adjust and prepare your materials to best suit our program.

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