Application for SGIS Student Awards

Please fill out this form to submit a general application for all School of Global Integrative Studies student funding awards.

This form serves as an application to the Don Burgess Award in Anthropology, the Thomas Edward McGinnis Award, Robert N. Reece Anthropology Fellowship Fund, Hubbard Archaeology Scholarship, Douglas Bereuter Fellowship for Anthropology, Hubbard Archaeology Graduate Teaching Assistant Scholarship, John R. and Karleen Hitchcock Memorial Award, Ward Fredrick Weakly Memorial Fellowship, Flavia Waters and John L. Champe Fellowship, Dr. Stephen J. Lavin Memorial Award, and the Robert N. Reece Geography Fellowship. About the awards and their application requirements.

The SGIS Awards Committee will use your responses to this form to assess which awards you are eligible for and evaluate your application relative to the other applicants who are eligible for the same awards.

Degree you are pursuing Required
Which SGIS program(s) are you enrolled in? Required
If you are an undergraduate student enrolled in more than one, check all that apply.
Do you focus on any of the following academic areas or research agendas? Required
Did you, or do you plan to, present your research at the 2022 meeting of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences? Required
This question determines your eligibility for the Thomas Edward McGinnis Award.
Do you plan to attend a summer field school? Required
This question determines your eligibility for the Hubbard Archaeology Scholarship.
Strong responses will include abstracts for all ongoing projects, and indicate the final goal(s) for each research project. For example, if a project is your master's thesis that you also plan to present at a conference and submit for publication in a journal, please indicate all of this in a short sentence following the abstract. If you are attending a field school and would only like to be considered for the Hubbard Archaeology Scholarship or Hubbard Archaeology Graduate Teaching Assistant Scholarship, simply write "Hubbard" in this answer field.
Strong responses will explain how receiving an award will help mitigate financial obstacles to your aspirations, or will explain how the award funds will be used.