Archer, Bitterman coauthor 'Atlas of Iowa'

Photo Credit: New Book Atlas of Iowa Patrick Bitterman J. Clark Archer
New Book Atlas of Iowa Patrick Bitterman J. Clark Archer
Mon, 02/26/2024 - 12:23

J. Clark Archer and Patrick Bitterman, faculty members in the School of Global Integrative Studies, coauthored the upcoming Atlas of Iowa from University of Iowa Press.

The book takes a deep dive into the state's heritage while also examining its geography, demographics, agriculture, and political and cultural patterns, drawing upon archival materials and little-known secondary sources.

Bitterman is assistant professor of geography. Leverage geospatial modeling in his research, he has worked alongside policymakers, scientists, and other stakeholders to address pressing socio-environmental issues in multiple regions.

Emeritus professor Archer is a political, urban and population geographer whose work combines political science, economics, demographics, cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He brings all of these disciplinary perspectives to bear in creating atlases, such as the coauthored Atlas of the Great Plains.

The book will be published August 2024 and can be preordered.