Digital humanites forum 'From Exclusion to Inclusion' is April 4-5

Photo Credit: 10th annual Nebraska Forum on Digital Humanities
10th annual Nebraska Forum on Digital Humanities
Mon, 04/01/2024 - 09:58

The 10th Annual Nebraska Forum on Digital Humanities will be held April 4-5, 2024 in the Pioneer Suite of the Willa Cather Dining Complex. Registration is required.

Entitled "From Exclusion to Inclusion: Creating Responsible and Equitable Information and AI Systems for Digital Cultural Heritage," the event will feature invited speakers in discussions in four sessions and a plenary session. Carrie Heitman, associate professor in the School of Global Integrative Studies (SGIS) and associate director of the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities (CDRH), co-organized the event.

The central question of this year's foum: What would it take to develop machine learning for the tasks of managing cultural heritage materials—ranging from texts to images to videos to data—while generating radically new methods for re-comprehending research materials, allowing radically novel questions to be asked, embracing and foregrounding multiplicity of cultural and knowledge systems, addressing racism and bias in the collection, description, conceptualization and use of these materials, and building capacity for critical understanding of these technological and social systems at all levels?

The event highlights the diverse intellectual activity of the digital humanities field and showcasing the work of early career scholars. In addition to SGIS and CDRH, the event is sponsored by the Angle Chair in the Humanities, the School of Computing, the Department of Mathematics, and the Office of Research and Economic Development Grand Challenges Seed Grant.

Information about speakers, the schedule, and registration is available on the CDRH website.