Edmund (Ted) Hamann
Courtesy Faculty Member Anthropology


Edmund ‘Ted’ Hamann is an anthropologist of education and a fully promoted professor in UNL’s Dept. of Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education.  Highly active in the American Anthropology Association (he’s been AAA’s Treasurer since 2012), he’s interested in how anthropology can contribute to interdisciplinary fields, including education. Author/editor of 10 book/monographs, including Revisiting Education in the New Latino Diaspora, Alumnos Transnacionales: Escuelas Mexicanas Frente a la Globalización, and The Educational Welcome of Latinos in the New South, and more than 60 journal articles and book chapters, his primary scholarly focus has been on the interface between education policy and practice, particularly on how transnational movement of students and families gets conceptualized by educators and results in various subsequent responses.  He came to UNL in 2005.