Effie Athanassopoulos
Associate Professor Anthropology


Research and Current Projects

I am a historical archaeologist with interests in landscape, identity formation, material culture, and the role of digital technologies in teaching and research. Currently, I am working in Greece, with the medieval deposits from the excavations at the Sanctuary of Zeus in Nemea, a collaboration with the Nemea Center, University of California, Berkeley. I use 3D laser scanning to document the collection, and develop a digital library where the 3D objects can be archived and shared. I am also working with archaeological collections from historic sites in Nebraska, creating new digital resources to facilitate research and public access to Nebraska’s material past.


Introduction to Anthropology (Anthropology 110)
Archaeology of World Civilizations (Anthropology 252-Classics 252)
The Medieval World: Byzantium (Classics 315-History 315)
The Classical World: Archaeology and Texts (Classics 320)
Old World Prehistory: Archaeology of Europe (Anthropology 438/838-Classics 438/838)
Historical Archaeology: Current Topics (Anthropology 431/831)
Analysis of Archaeological Materials: Historic Material Culture (Anthropology 487E/887E)
Seminar: Archaeology and Cultural Identity (Anthropology 935)
Archaeological Field School
Archaeological Lab Work

Selected Publications

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Athanassopoulos, Effie and LuAnn Wandsnider
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  • Ph.D., 1993, Anthropology Department, University of Pennsylvania
  • 1980-82, Graduate Program in Classical Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania
  • B.A.1979, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Athens, Greece

Research Interests

Landscape archaeology, historical archaeology, Europe and the Mediterranean, archaeology and identity formation, digital archaeology


Nemea Center, University of California, Berkeley