LuAnn Wandsnider
Professor and Associate Director of SGIS Anthropology


I am an anthropologically trained archaeologist and methodologist. I have researched how archaeologists interpret time–averaged assemblages. I am also interested in how individual-family-group interactions affect individual, family, and group successes in different contexts, such as Hellenistic-Roman southern Turkey and the historic Central Plains.

These interests have led me to attempt to develop explore how supra-generational social processes unfold, so as to probe the conditions under which material expressions for these processes become archaeologically visible. In this light, I have assembled geospatially linked historical documents to create a laboratory for late 19th C Custer County, Nebraska. Questions currently under consideration include:

  • Which social conditions and processes affect resiliency in historic Central Plains human populations? What are the material consequences of these processes?
  • Under what conditions might individuals and groups use material culture, e.g., houses, to project identity and competency and how do these affect community formation?
  • When confronted by environmental and social challenges, what responses do we see and what are their material manifestations?

Related research focuses on how humans register and interpret material signals. I use signaling theory and understandings of materiality and perception to explore this topic.

Research and Current Projects

  • Big House on the Prairie: Domestic architecture signals settler competence in 19th C Custer County, Nebraska
  • With Matthew Douglass and Simon Holdaway: Interpreting Surface Archaeology
  • With Michael Hoff: Hellenistic community formation in Western Rough Cilicia (southern Turkey)

I welcome student involvement in any of these projects.


  • ANTH 432/832 History and Philosophy of Archaeology
  • ANTH 481/881 Landscape Archaeology
  • ANTH 484/884 Data Analysis in Archaeology

Selected Publications

2019 Napier, Tiffany, Mathew Douglass, LuAnn Wandsnider and Ronald Goble
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2015 Wandsnider, LuAnn
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2015 Wandsnider, LuAnn and Lauren Nelson
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2015 Wandsnider, LuAnn
“Fighting over a Shadow?”: Hellenistic Greek cities and Greco-Roman cities as Fora and Media for Multi-level Social Signaling. In Urban Dreams, Urban Realities, edited by Adam Kemezis, pp. 69-98. Leiden, Brill.

2014 Wandsnider, LuAnn
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2013 Douglass, Matthew A. and LuAnn Wandsnider
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2013 Wandsnider, LuAnn
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2008 Holdaway, Simon J. and LuAnn Wandsnider (editors)
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D. University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), 1989
  • M.S. Anthropology, University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), 1981
  • B.S. Anthropology, Geology, University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1979

Research Interests

Archaeological method and theory; Pre-Columbian Archaeology of the North American Central and High Plains; Hellenistic-Roman Asia Minor; time in archaeology; costly signaling in Hellenistic-Roman Asia Minor and historic homesteading Nebraska.


Curriculum Vitae