Matthew Douglass
Courtesy Faculty Member Anthropology


Program Coordinator/Advisor Master of Applied Science, Science for Educators Specialization

I am a researcher interested in lithic technology, landscape history, and human environmental interaction, and have international research projects in Australia, Kenya, and South Africa.  Additionally, I have active research and public heritage projects in the Great Plains.

Research and Current Projects

Koobi Fora Field School with colleagues from The George Washington Univ., Penn State University, Duke University, Harvard University, American Museum of Natural History. Research and student training experience to provide a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective on human environmental interaction in the Turkana Basin of Northern Kenya from 3 million years in the past up to the present.

Human/Natural System Coupling in the Fynbos Biome of the West Coast of South Africa with colleagues from Univ. of Utah and The George Washington University. Exploring archaeological, paleoclimatic, and paleoecological proxies for evidence for long-term human/ecosystem coupling.

USDA National Forests and Grasslands Challenge Cost Share Agreement to develop an integrated experiential and outreach educational program and conduct archaeological research for the National Grasslands Visitor Center.

The Western New South Wales Archaeological Project (WNSWAP) with colleagues from the Univeristy of Auckland, Macquarie University, investigating Holocene surface archaeology from a geoarchaeological perspective.

Great Plains Virtual Reconstructionswith Zach Day (KU), Jeremy Brunette (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Peter Bleed (UNL), Doug Scott (UNL)


Ph.D. University of Auckland, 2010

Research Interests

Lithic Technology, Landscape Archaeology, Human Environmental Interaction, Archaeology/Anthropology of: Great Plains, Australia, Kenya, South Africa.


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