Photo Credit: Anna Little
Anna Little
Wed, 04/10/2024 - 11:34

Majors: Global Studies
Minors: French, Art, and music
Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Year: Sophomore

Favorite Book:
My favorite book that I read in 2023 was A Tale for the Time Being. It was really interesting to read right before moving to Japan for fall semester and included a lot of dualities between the co-narrators about searching for lost time and accepting the present moment.

Favorite Movie:
My favorite movie would have to be Amélie. I watched it for the first time on the flight to France for my study abroad last summer, and it really hit home (aka I cried). I think the story of Amélie resonated with me because she lives in her own little fantasies and tries to make other peoples' lives better in little understated ways, and at the end finds strength to let life happen to her too.

Why Global Studies?
I'm studying Global Studies because I am drawn to people, culture and languages, and have always had my mind on helping people globally and locally. I came to UNL undeclared, but declared a Global Studies major about 5 weeks into Intro to Global Studies with Dr. Reilly because it resonated so well with me and my aspirations. Otherwise, I studied French in high school and decided to continue it to further my ability to communicate internationally, and stuck Art and Music in there too to stay close to my creative roots and have an outlet for expression.

Favorite Class:
One class that is exceptionally interesting for me right now is HRHA 440: Human Rights, Conflict, and Community Changemaking with Dr. Julia Reilly. I didn't plan on it being my first HR class but decided to take it to challenge myself and it has paid off so far! I have become more interested in environmental justice while completing an initiative proposal about environmental racism with some classmates, and have connected with many incredible people because of the class!

Some other classes I have really enjoyed include a Leveraging Languages seminar about linguistics and communication with a Fulbright Professor Yassine Rfissa, and Biological Anthropology with Prof. Tim Sefczek. I haven't had a chance to take many other Global Studies classes yet but I'm really looking forward to taking such a diverse assortment of courses that encompass all of my interests! I don't feel like I have had to give up any of my passions being in Global Studies and I'm really thankful for it!

Extracurricular Involvement:
I was thankful to have the opportunity to go to Japan in Fall of 2023 to do the English Teaching Assistant Internship at Senshu University Matsudo Junior High School. I had an amazing time there in the classroom with my Japanese students and also was able to do a lot of independent traveling which was incredible! I am excited to see some of the students again in the summer when I mentor the 8th grade class that travels from Matsudo in June. I really recommend the experience!

Post-Graduation Plans:
I am in the Peace Corps Prep program and currently have pretty solid plans to go into Peace Corps following graduation, in either English Teaching or the Environment sector. After that I have no idea, and that excites me!