Photo Credit: Student Spotlight Parwana Azimi
Student Spotlight Parwana Azimi
Thu, 12/08/2022 - 09:55

Majors: Political science, global studies
Minors: Spanish, human rights and humanitarian affairs
Hometown: Omaha, NE

Favorite book and why
My favorite book would have to be All About Love by the late bell hooks. It's the definition of a classic, and I always find myself coming back to and taking something new from it. Bell hooks is one of my favorite authors ever, and she shares a lot of wisdom with we need today.

Favorite movie and why
"Om Shanti Om" is my favorite movie. It's a Bollywood movie that has everything in it: thrill, comedy, romance, drama, mystery, etc!

Why global studies?
I chose my majors/minors simply because of what I bring to the table with my unique experiences and strengths in exposure to multiculturalism and international policy. My fondness of politics was cultivated in high school when I joined my local debate team. Being Afghan American, I feel like I have a passion for investigating historical patterns, linguistics, and diplomacy. The most interesting classes I have taken have been with Dr. Beahm and Dr. Hasan, and my favorite courses have been "Political Ideas" as well as "Arab Sex, Love, and Femininity." I'd advise anyone with a passion for political thought or identity politics to take on similar majors/minors to me.

Extracurricular experiences
I have worked at OASIS UNL as a student peer mentor in the past and gained valuable experiences in advising, leading a classroom, and just being in professional settings. I have also worked for a local organization for an after-school program with Lincoln Family Services that aided me in developing more advanced skills in leadership, community involvement, and intercultural/intergroup communication.

Post-graduation plans
Ideally, I would like to travel post-graduation and complete an internship or research position. In the future I would love to get a master's in social work and probably closely work with refugees and immigrants. My dream job would be to work as a foreign aid worker or be part of the United Nations.