Photo Credit: Rosemary Onyango
Rosemary Onyango
Fri, 06/25/2021 - 10:06

Majors: Global Studies, Political Science
Minor: English
Hometown: Sega, Kenya

Favorite book
Miguel Street by V.S Naipaul, it reminds me of home. There is a familiarity in some of the characters that sends me right back to Kibera.

Favorite movie
Queen of Katwe, directed by Mira Nair. It is a constant reminder that regardless of where we come from, all of us have the power to be great.

Why those majors?
I chose political science because I had issues with how the current political system works. For me to be able to fix it, I needed to understand the structures that governs politics. My interest in American politics sparked an interest in global politics and that is why I added global studies. I love looking at how different countries operate and govern.

My favorite classes so far have been international relations. I have always been fascinated with how countries work together to create a very connected world. International relations expanded my knowledge into understanding things such as treaties and hegemony. I also loved conflict resolution and global human rights, in these classes I learned how to identify conflict on a global scale and how to deescalate without the use of violence.

Everyone should take a major or minor in global studies. In our ever-connecting world, it is important to learn how to interact with diverse cultures with respect and dignity.

Extracurricular involvement
I was involved with Produce from the Heart my second year; we work in reducing food waste by connecting food banks with farmers with extra harvest.

I was the chair of University of Nebraska BSU (Black Student Union) Care bag Initiative, a branch of UNL BSU created to provide basic needs to the Lincoln community during the pandemic.

I am also the current vice president of African Student Association. Our organization works in creating a more diverse and inclusive UNL while also Showcasing African culture. We have created a place that allows for international students to have a community that is welcoming.

I look forward to participating in a virtual study abroad program this summer because even with the pandemic it is important to have a unique perspective of the world. Studying abroad helps in creating a more tolerable and welcoming world. That allows for more culture to exist together with love.