Photo Credit: Susie Koch
Susie Koch
Mon, 01/29/2024 - 11:59

Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Blair, Nebraska

Year: Senior

Favorite book and why?
My favorite book is Queen of Shadows from the Throne of Glass series. Sarah J Mass is my absolute favorite author and I have read all of her books. Queen of Shadows is my favorite because all of the characters are really starting to strongly develop and start their journeys throughout the fantastical story! Throne of Glass is also my favorite series by this author and I highly recommend that everyone reads her books!

Why Anthropology?
I chose anthropology because I have always been interested in ancient histories and cultures! As a child, I really wanted to become a paleontologist or archaeologist so I knew anthropology was the right choice! Learning about cultural themes that took place in ancient times can really teach us in the present about a variety of themes that take place.

Some of the most interesting courses that I’ve taken over the years were The Ancient Maya, Primate Behavior and Ecology, and Special Topics Anthropology. All of these courses were very intriguing and I loved learning what each course consisted of!

Extracurricular Experiences:
Throughout my time at UNL, I have worked at the Firethorn Golf Club. I started there when I was 18 years old and I have worked there ever since. I started as a hostess but now I bartend! It has been such a wonderful place to work and to make friends. It is also a great place to make connections within your professional life due to the amazing members at the club!

Post-Graduation Plans:
My postgraduate plans consist of hopefully attending graduate school here at UNL and earning my master’s in anthropology! I really want to further my career within this field and attending graduate school is the next step!