Phil Geib
Associate Professor of Practice Anthropology

Selected Publications

2023  Phil R. Geib, A Basketmaker II S-shaped Grooved Stick from Central Eastern Utah. Kiva 89:91-115.

2021  Phil R. Geib, Laurie D. Webster and Kami Ahrens, Human-Hair Bifurcated Tumplines from Old Man Cave, Utah. Kiva 87:381-409.

2018  Phil R. Geib and Edward A Jolie, Rise of Broad Spectrum Foraging on the Colorado Plateau during the Early Holocene. In The Archaic Southwest: Foragers in an Arid Land, edited by Bradley J. Vierra, pp. 189-214. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

2018  Phil R. Geib, Mesoamerican Flat Curved Sticks: Innovative "Toltec" Short Sword, Fending Stick, or Other Purpose? Ancient Mesoamerica 29(1): 45-62.

2017  Phil R. Geib, Carrie C. Heitman, and Ronald C.D. Fields, Continuity and Change in Puebloan Ritual Practice: 3800 Years of Shrine Use in the North American Southwest. American Antiquity 82:353–373.

2015  Phil R. Geib and Carrie C. Heitman, The Relevance of Maize Pollen for Assessing the Extent of Maize Production in Chaco Canyon. In Chaco Revisited: New Research on the Prehistory of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, edited by Carrie C. Heitman and Stephen Plog, pp. 66-95. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

2013   Should Dates Trump Context? Evaluation of the Cave 7 Skeletal Assemblage Radiocarbon Dates. Journal of Archaeological Science 40:2754–2770 (W.B. Hurst, junior author).

2011   Foragers and Farmers of the Northern Kayenta Region. Excavations along the Navajo Mountain Road. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

2008   Age Discrepancies with the Radiocarbon Dating of Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata Nutt.). Radiocarbon 50:347-357.

2008   Palynology and Archaeological Inference: Bridging the Gap between Pollen Washes and Past Behavior. Journal of Archaeological Science 35:2085-2101 (S.J. Smith, junior author).

2008   The Role of Basketry in Early Holocene Small Seed Exploitation: Implications of a Ca. 9,000 Year-Old Basket from Cowboy Cave, Utah. American Antiquity73:83-102 (E.A. Jolie, junior author)

2007   Investigations at Double Ditch Village, A Traditional Mandan Earthlodge Settlement (S.A. Ahler, senior author). A case study in Seeking our Past: An Introduction to North American Archaeology, by S.W. Neusius and G.T. Gross, pp. 442-451. Oxford University Press, New York & Oxford. (2ed edition 2011:322-330).

2007   Earthen Architecture at the Bluff Great House in SE Utah. Journal of Field Archaeology 32:339-352 (C. Cameron, senior author).

2006   Glen Canyon Archaeology, Then and Now: Lipe’s Contributions In Hindsight. In Tracking Ancient Footsteps: William D. Lipe’s Contributions to Southwestern Prehistory and Public Archaeology, edited by R.G. Matson and T.A. Kohler, pp. 29-43. Washington State University Press, Pullman.

2002   Considerations in Folsom Fluting and Evaluation of Handheld Indirect Percussion (S.A. Ahler, junior author). In Folsom Technology and Lifeways, edited by J.E. Clark and M.B. Collins, pp. 249-271. Lithic Technology Special Publication No. 4, Department of Anthropology, University of Tulsa, Tulsa.

2002   Basketmaker II Horn Flakers and Dart Point Production: Technological Change at the Agricultural Transition. In Traditions, Transitions and Technologies: Themes in Southwest Archaeology, edited by S.H. Schlanger, pp. 272-306. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

2000   Sandal Types and Archaic Prehistory on the Colorado Plateau. American Antiquity 65:509-524.

2000   Why Flute? Folsom Point Design and Adaptation. Journal of Archaeological Science 27:799-820 (S.A. Ahler, senior author).

2000   The Basketmaker II-III Transition on the Rainbow Plateau (K. Spurr, junior author). In Foundations of Anasazi Culture. The Basketmaker-Pueblo Transition, edited by P.F. Reed, pp. 175-200. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

1996   Glen Canyon Revisited. Anthropological Paper No. 119, University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

1995   Continuous or Not? Archaic Occupation of the Central Colorado Plateau. In Proceedings of the Second Biennial Conference on Research in the Colorado Plateau National Parks, edited by C. van Riper, III, pp. 889-136. Transactions and Proceedings Series NPS/NRNAU/NRTP-95/11, National Park Service, Denver.

1993   Sources of Igneous Temper for Fremont Ceramics of South-central Utah. In Proceedings of the First Biennial Conference on Research in Colorado Plateau National Parks, edited by P.G. Rowlands, C. van Riper, III, and M.K. Sogge, pp. 166-183. Transactions and Proceedings Series NPS/NRNAU/NRTP-93/10, National Park Service, Denver (M.M. Lyneis, junior author).

1992   Radiocarbon Dating of Fremont Anthropomorphic Rock Art in Glen Canyon, South-central Utah. Journal of Field Archaeology 19:155-168 (H.C. Fairley, junior author).

Educational Background

  • M.A. Anthropology, Northern Arizona University
  • Ph.D., University of New Mexico

Research Interests

Hunter-gatherers, Transition to Agriculture, North American Southwest & Great Basin, Prehistoric Technology, Cooperation & Warfare, Experimental Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management