Sophia Perdikaris
Happold Professor of Anthropology and Director of SGIS


I am an environmental archaeologist with a specialty in animal bones from archaeological sites-zooarchaeology. I am interested in people – environment interactions through time and the response of both to big climatic events. Whether in the field or at home at UNL as Director of the newly formed School of Global Integrative Studies, the home of Anthropology, Geography and Global Studies, I like to work in a transdisciplinary approach connecting all sciences, humanities and the arts to address global challenges. I look forward to having our team grow and continue to make meaningful contributions to our community through collaborative science of relevance. Come join the SGIS team!

Research and Current Projects

I have worked in Northern Norway and Iceland concentrating on the transition from the Viking Age to medieval times and how the early commercialization of the cod fisheries (AD 1200) affected the people and economy of the area.

The last few years I have been focusing on the island of Barbuda in the Caribbean where I explore how heritage work can inform sustainability questions for the future. Environmental sustainability is a challenge for every community, including communities in Antigua and Barbuda and this was tragically highlighted by the aftermath of hurricane Irma in 2017. Sustainability means understanding human and environmental change over time: what is changing, how it is changing, why it is changing, and what we can do to mitigate change, adapt to change, or both. By using a transdisciplinary approach sustainability projects combining the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts in a collaborative research perspective that connects scientists, local communities, and youth can maximize our understanding and response.

Selected Publications

Grouard, Sandrine, S. Perdikaris, N. E. Rodrigues and I. R. Quitmyer
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Boger, R., Sophia Perdikaris and Isabel-Rivera-Collazo.
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Boger, R. and Sophia Perdikaris
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Perdikaris, S., A. Bain, S. Grouard, K. Baker, E. Gonzalez, A. R. Hoelzel, H. Miller, R. Persaud, N. Sykes.
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Perdikaris, S.; A. Bain, R. Boger, S. Grouard, A.M. Faucher, V. Rousseau, R. Persaud, S. Noel, M. Brown, J. Medina-Triana
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Perdikaris, S. and T. H. McGovern
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Perdikaris, S.
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Perdikaris, S.
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Perdikaris, S.
1996 Status and Economy: A Zooarchaeological Perspective from the Iron Age Site of Åker, Norway. Debating Complexity D. A. Meyer, P. C. Dawson and D. T. Hanna (eds), - Proceedings of the 26th Annual Conference of the Archaeological Association of the University of Calgary, Canada.

Educational Background

  • Hunter College, CUNY, BA/MA
  • Graduate School and University Center, M.Phil.
  • Graduate School and University Center, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Environmental archaeology, Zooarchaeology

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