Yaroslav Komarovski
Courtesy Faculty Member Global Studies


Yaroslav Komarovski (Ph.D. University of Virginia, 2007) teaches and conducts research on Buddhism. His research focuses on Tibetan Buddhist interpretations of the nature of reality and related epistemological, philosophical, and contemplative issues. In particular, he focuses on writings of a seminal Tibetan thinker Shakya Chokden (1428–1507) who articulated a startlingly new reconsideration of the core areas of Buddhist thought and practice, such as epistemology, ethics, tantric rituals, and the relationship between philosophy and contemplation. Professor Komarovski teaches broad introductory courses in World Religions, Buddhist thought, scriptures, meditation, and Asian cultures and histories, many of which are cross-listed with Global Studies. In particular, he contributes to Global Studies by teaching RELG180/HIST180 Culture, Religion, and Society in Asia which is based on more than two decades of his research, life, and travel experience in multiple countries of South, East, and Southeast Asia.

Professor, Classics and Religious Studies