Photo Credit: Student Spotlight Brittany Athan
Student Spotlight Brittany Athan
Mon, 05/01/2023 - 11:34

Majors: Global Studies

Minors: Japanese

Year in school: Junior

Favorite book and why?
1Q84- I appreciate the sci-fi genre, and Haruki Murakami excitingly unfolds the story. Therefore, I never felt bored reading it; even the ending left the reader hanging..

Favorite movie and why?
Suspiria 2018- I tend to make movies with a grain of salt, and if I enjoy the aesthetics or certain parts of the film that caught my eye, it will be my favorite. Suspiria is a horror movie, but the director creates an emotional and intense atmosphere during the film's duration.

Why Global Studies?
I chose Global Studies and Japanese as a major/minor because I've always loved learning about new cultures and languages. Therefore, a global studies major opens your eyes and makes you more aware of the differences and similarities in the world. I also chose to minor in Japanese because I've been interested in the language and culture since I wrote a research paper about Japan in 3rd grade. My favorite classes were Colonization, Food and Culture, and Japanese 201. The first class made me more open-minded, and I realized things I didn't see before. The second class was just overall fun and educational at the same time. Who doesn't want to avoid eating in their classroom? The class introduced me to new cuisines worldwide that I have a new appreciation for. The third class was so fun with Nishihara sensei, and it was the last Japanese class I had in person.

As for new majors, my advice is to have fun with your major and try to make the most out of your college life. Study abroad and apply for internships and scholarships.

You should consider a global studies major if you want a more international experience during your college career because Global studies open many doors for the future.

What are your extracurricular experiences?
I'm an assistant language teacher at Senshu Matsudo University High School in Chiba, Japan. My job is to assist students in grades 7-9 with English and practice English conversations. For Spring Break, I took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto and Osaka. I toured many spots like Fushimi Inari, Gion District and Universal Studios Japan with my friends. I recommend going to Japan in spring since it’s a little cooler and the cherry blossoms bloom in the Spring.

I hope that other students take advantage of the opportunity to intern for Senshu Matsudo. It's such an amazing experience where you get to teach Junior High School students and learn about a new culture and experience daily life. If you're adventurous and open to new cultures, this is the program for you.

What are your post-graduation plans?
As for my ideal career I've always seen myself working in Japan since I have poor eyesight and I can't drive well. But Japan is convenient and can give me the independence I yearn for in Nebraska.