Meet Tyler Freimuth

Student Spotlight Tyler Freimuth
Fri, 04/14/2023 - 11:40

Majors: Global Studies, History, and German

Minors: National Security Studies and Political Science

Year in school: Junior

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Favorite book and why?
I don’t really have a favorite book but a series. Cherub, it’s a book series in the vein of Alex Rider where kids are spies. I read it when I was younger and fell in love with it and go back and reread it every few years. I like it because it is grounded in reality and there really isn’t anything over the top like other spy fiction.

Favorite movie and why?
I am not really a movie person, but I do watch a lot of television, so I'll give you my favorite show instead. Psych, it’s a sherlock Holmes sort of show where this guy pretends to be psychic and helps solve cases for the police department. I like it because it’s a fun lighthearted show that’s easy to digest and I usually just put it on for background watching.

Why did you choose your majors?
I chose Global Studies because I knew that I wanted to do something international whether that be working for a multinational company or for the government. I think that it covers such a broad range of topics, that everyone could easily fit it in as a major/minor even as a business/engineering/economics major. With Global Studies you learn so much about the world that an employer will always see that as a plus. For History, I just have a general interest in history, and it pairs well with Global Studies. And German, I chose this because I knew I wanted to learn another language and I took German in high school, so I decided to continue it. For my minors I added those on after the fact, realizing that I could get them with very little extra work and that they interested me. 

Favorite Class:
All the German classes I've taken have been really fun and interesting, especially if they are taught by Professor Dawson. He brings such a fun atmosphere to class that makes me really excited to learn German. Most of the Poly-Sci/National Security Studies classes I have taken have also been really good. Most of the classes have been a mix between half lecture half in-class projects/exercises/assignments. This method really suits me and has made those classes very fun and interesting

Extracurricular Experience:
In the spring and summer of 2022, I studied abroad in Berlin, Germany. There I was able to take German language classes and massively improve my German. During this program I was also able to get an internship at a company called Polyspektiv. The company produced new and interesting ways to teach about politics whether that be from creating a board game or role-playing games. During my time there I helped brainstorm new ideas, research for projects they were working on, and help with their role-playing games. This internship helped me gain a broader understanding of German politics and the European Union. I think everybody, if they can, should go study abroad. It’s such a fun experience and also helps you gain new perspectives on the world and other people.

Post-Graduation Plans:
After I graduate, I plan on either joining the Peace Corps or going to teach English abroad. My long-term plan is to work for the US state department.