Student Spotlight: Molly Prochaska

Molly Prochaska
Sun, 12/08/2019 - 09:40

Name: Molly Prochaska
Major/Minor: Global Studies and Political Science with minors in Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs and National Security Studies
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Year at UNL: Sophomore

Favorite book and why
Brave New World. I think that there are some lines in that book that resonate deeply with me personally, and I love to take it line by line and really think about the meaning. It discusses society and differences in different cultures, so it connects to my academic interests as well.

Favorite movie and why
The Princess Bride. I watched it a lot when I was younger, so it has a huge nostalgia factor for me. It also simply makes me feel happy after a long day.

Why Global Studies?
I chose global studies because I find intercultural communication to be one of the most important skills that someone can have in a globalized society. I took POLS 160, international relations, and I loved how different opinions and ideas can become cohesive policies that impact billions of people. I think that a key factor for success in the major is finding specific parts of international work that interest you, for example, I am specifically interested in post-conflict reconstruction, national security, and human rights.

Study abroad/internship experience
I intend to go abroad during the next academic year, and I would love to study in Korea or China.

Post-graduation plans
My ideal career would be with the US government abroad, and I am especially interested in the intelligence community. I would also be interested in working in an intergovernmental organization or NGO involving human rights.